Random:  Verb Nouns!


First, 'allo, all!  I know I've been absent for some time, but a combination of holidays and the flu have kept me busy.  Belated happy holidays and happy new year to everyone!!

Now, on to the fun!

Meme, stolen from mamazano.

Instructions:   Run a google image search for your answer to each of the following questions, and post the result. 

Note:  You must choose an image from the first page of results.  This is important.  (I actually limited myself to the "Page 1" results, even though my list showed more...)
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And for bonus fun,  the spouse's answers, since this was one of those rare occasions when he saw me answering this meme and thought it would be fun to do the same...

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POTC:  Norrie the Past

[LAS # 4 -- Humility] Virtuous Sin

Title:  Virtuous Sin
Rating:  R (for good measure...)
Word Count:  444
Characters:  James Norrington, Lord Beckett, Lawrence Norrington
Pairing:  Beckington
Warnings:  Slash, Implication of child abuse
Summary:  James likes the fit of his new virtue
Author's Notes:  Written for the last author standing challenge at cutler_beckett .  Go there.  Read great stories.  Vote for your favorite.  Also, never thought I would make Beckington sappy.  Oops. 


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POTC:  Cutler Map Sex

Fanfic -- Exquisite Cruelty (POTC)

Title:  Exquisite Cruelty
Recipient:  shytan  
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing:  Beckett/Groves; Beckett/Norrington
Word Count:  Just over 1600
Warnings:  BDSM themes, implied dubcon, mild bloodplay, whipping, slash
Summary:  "Though it was not the first time the young Lieutenant had stood before the great mahogany desk of his Lordship, he still had to fight to quell the trill of fear and uncertainty in his stomach, the mixture of dread and anticipation as he waited for his Lordship's bidding." OR, our dear Theodore has quite the crush on Beckett.  How silly of him.  
Note:  Written for the fic exchange at cutler_beckett for shytan .  Prompt used was "Brandy, and lots of it."



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Sunny:  Crack


1.  The spouse and I went to an asian restaurant for lunch the other day, which was quite enjoyable.  However, I had to make note of the sign on the door as we left:


Subsequently, 'Attidude' has become one of my new favorite words.

2.  I just opened a fortune cookie for the dogs (yes, we give the dogs the fortune cookies...), and now that I've stopped laughing, I shall share their fortune:


The best part?  The spouse totally didn't see what was wrong.  He thought I was laughing like an idiot at the idea of searching our backyard for treasure...
Dragon Age:  Highever

Fanfic -- Of Mud and Mabari (Dragon Age)

Title:  Of Mud and Mabari
Word Count:  ~4200
Characters:  F!Cousland, Alistair, Maric, Cailan, Bryce, Eleanor, Fergus, Eamon, Isolde, Teagan (future F!Cousland/Alistair pairing)
Rating:  E
Summary:  "It was the glint of fiery red that caught Elissa's eye.  As the King and her parents discussed trivialities, Elissa peered around her father into the distance, and spotted the face of a boy--close to her own age, she guessed--spying on them, his copper hair shining in the midday sun."  My take on young Cousland and Alistair meeting at Redcliffe
Disclaimer:  Anyone you recognize doesn't belong to me!
Note:  First Dragon Age Fic that I've actually finished/posted. 



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POTC:  Bad Cutler!

Fanfic -- Metamorphosis ( 11/20 )

Title: Taste (Prompt 030)
Rating:  NC-17 (for smutlet smuttiness)
Pairing:  Speckett
Word Count:  1200
Summary:   "Had the man been a complete failure, Cutler thought he could have borne the insult better..." 
Series based on Jack and Cutler's early relationship using the prompts at [info]50_smutlets .  Jack helps Cutler take his mind off of his struggles with the new Chairman
Warnings:  Slash, language, oral sex
Disclaimer:  Characters belong to the Mouse!
Author's Note:  Belatedly titled this collection 'Metamorphosis.'  This is piece 11 of 20. 
Previous Chapters:  1.  Day ; 2.  Night ; 3.  Gentle ; 4.  Lust ; 5.  Touch; 6.  Beach; 7.  Thigh-Highs; 8.  Fantasy; 9.  Cemetery; 10.  Feel


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